Sunday, November 20, 2011

Toddlers Raglan Sweater 24 months

This is my first try at making a raglan sweater. It is worked from the top, to the bottom, what I like about this sweater is that the sleeves are knitted into the main, body there aren't any bulky seams at the sleeve area. The edging is knitted at the same time also, so there is no attaching the ribbing and removing the ribbing until you get it right.

I tried putting metal snap buttons which I didn't care for. I wound up sewing small gray buttons, The guarder stitch was large enough , to allow the buttons to slip through with out having to knit button holes.
Here's my first try at making a sweater 4 years ago. This sweater was knit in sections, then pieced together. It just doesn't have the smooth look of a store bought sweater.

4 double knitting weight yarn (150 yards)
2  circular knitting needles size 4   24 inch
4 small button
Large blunt eye needle
4 plastic ring stitch markers
2 Rubber stoppers

Gauge 5 stitches per inch

Cast 71 stitches on circular needles.

Start working the ribbing  p2, k2 for first 5 rows this will become the neck.

Row 6  k17 place marker, k8, place marker,  k21, place marker, k8 place marker, k17

Row 7  k5, purl to last 5 remaining stitches, k5

Row8  k up to one stitch before marker, yo, k1, marker, k1, yo, knit to end of row

Row9  k5 purl to last 5 stitches k5

Every even row will be knitted the increases will be done at the markers before and after the markers. Every odd row will be k5 purl to the end, k5

Knit until it measures 5 3/4 inches long from top to bottom. 226 stitches on needles. Knit up to the marker, place the next 48 stitches on a separate scrap yarn, knit up to 3rd marker, place next 48 stitches on scrap yarn. This separates sleeves from body of sweater. Continue working in stockinette stitch,  remembering to  knit first 5, and last 5 stitches. The last 10 rows are worked in garter stitch which is knit right side, and wrong side of sweater.

Sleeves: Transfer the sleeve stitches from scrap yarn onto both sets of circular needles.  Working both sleeves at the same time, I like to do it this way because it makes for more even looking sleeves.

Place a rubber knob at the end of the set of needles your not using. This will help you keep up with the correct needle.
 Decrease 1 stitch at row 13, 18,21,25,28,35,36,37,38,39,40
Work ribbing, p2,k2 for next 15 rows, bind off.

Here's the same pattern with designs, knitted right into the pattern.
Flowers were designed on this sweater.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Children Christmas Crafts Toy Soldier Ornaments

This is a great project for little hands to help with, plus they are so proud of the results. Toy soldier Christmas tree ornaments! The adults need to help with the cutting, and sanding of the cloths pins. Have fun with this family project.

Old fashioned cloths pins these are sold at Jo Ann's, and Micheal's
Hand saw
Paints dark blue, red, white, black, skin tone, pink acrylic Walmart carries a variety of Folk-Art paints
Paint brushes
Closed eye hooks
Jewelry glue
String or thin ribbon to hang ornaments

The flat cloths pin on the left be comes the body, the one on the right becomes the head, and hat.

Cut this cloths pin 1 1/4 like shown in picture.
Cut this one from the bottom 1 1/4 at the bottom.
This the toy soldier ready for painting.
The head is painted in flesh color, the hat in dark blue, the body top is done in red, the pants in dark blue, the hands are painted in white.
To paint the brim I use a black permanent marker, it makes a neater brim.
The cheeks are done in a blush pink color, a white dot in the opposite corners of the cheeks, a tassel  in drawn with the marker in the middle of the hat. Dots for eyes. Screw metal eye screw on top of the hat to attached string through.

Glue head to body, and arms to the side. Add finishing touches like buttons, sash, and boots. Insert ribbon,or string through the eye hook. Enjoy making these toy soldier ornaments.