Sunday, July 15, 2012

Folk Art Quilt

About in the 80's I was watching Sewing with Nancy, she was showing how to make a lone star quilt. I decided I was gonna try to make one too. After I got the quilt top finished I didn't know what to do with it. So I bought a double size flat sheet, using  the sewing machine I proceeded to sew the quilt only to have a big jumble mess the quilt had a wow in it. In other words it didn't lie flat.
This is the 2nd quilt that I have completed. I am real happy with the way it turned out. I found the pattern in a book by Clare Kingslake, called Folk Quilt Applique. I love her work. I was truly inspired by her work.

I have now joined a quilting gathering, am learning what mistakes I had made with my first quilt.
to make an applique quilt I first drew the shapes onto freezer wrap, then the shapes were cut out and placed on the color materials which I had chosen for each item.

Using a dark thread I turn the edges under by hand, and put a running stitch in a dark color thread. After I press the material with a iron I remove  the tread.
Here are some bird cut outs ready to go on to the block of material.
At first I was pinning them into place, while I hand sewed them on, I didn't like the fact that those pins kept poking me...

So I discovered this stuff called wonder under transfer web, I cut little pieces on to the objects that needed  sewing, which eliminated having to use pins.
Here's a peek at the double sized quilt top before  quilting has begun.  My friend Pam showed me how to sandwich the quilt. First she took the bottom material laid it on a large table taped it down with masking tape , so it would be flat, and tight.  The batting was laid on top next, then finally the quilt top last.The quilting was done in a random pattern, using a hoop to keep it tight.
When the quilting is finished trim the quilt, square it off cutting away the unnecessary material and batting.  Cut material for the binding 2.5 inches wide. Iron in half, and again in half to frame the outside of the quilt. I sew one part to the front, and hand stitched the  the back part by hand.

This is the progress of the binding first the strip, then the folds ironed, then the end result, binding.
 The back side of the baby quilt. Happy sewing : )