Thursday, December 8, 2011

Children Christmas Crafts Child"s Apron

My granddaughters love to cook, especially baking, as soon as they see the flour, and sugar coming out of the pantry, they run to put their miniature aprons on. My granddaughter enjoyed helping to paint her apron. look at her face, as she models it, that tells the whole story.

Wooden gingerbread cut out to trace
Textile medium Americana
Denim apron  half yard denim materiel
Americana paints- honey brown, white, opaque red, black, hot pink, burnt sienna
Size 6 angle brush, liner brush
Water bucket for rinsing brushes
Paper towels.
White charcoal pencil
Pallet  ( I use a white square ceramic glazed tile, a plate will work just as good)

I made this simple denim child's apron, by turning down the raw edges. Making tie backs from remaining material pieces, and attaching a neck band.

Use the wooden cut out to trace the gingerbread on to apron. Use white charcoal pencil.

 The white charcoal pencil will make it easier to see.

Dip your paint brush into the textile medium, then into the honey brown paint. Paint using your angle brush, along the line of the pattern.
While paint is still wet side load burnt sienna, on top of the honey brown, while it's still wet. It will blend easier.
Cheeks are done with hot pink.
 Eyes are black (use the back of the paint brush dipped into paint from pallet.
White is thinned out with water until it's as thin as cream. Load your liner brush to paint the icing lines. Hold the brush straight up, move your whole arm in a sweeping motion. Pushing down makes thicker lines, lifting up on the brush makes thinner lines.

Lips and, buttons are drawn in black.
Hearts are done in red.

Hear are some other designs...Christmas Stars,Gingerbread Garland,Toy Soldiers.