Friday, May 18, 2012

China Silk Painting

Silk China Painting is a free style art form, very relaxing project, it can't be messed up.

100 % silk scarf (Jo Ann's or Amazon on line carry the scarfs )
Dye-na-flow paints made by Jacquard are sold on also
Spray bottle filled with water
Small child rubber bands
7 Styrofoam cups
Tray to catch drips
Rubber gloves optional

Grab a dime size piece of material, twist, place rubber band around it. Pick 7 spots on the scarf, and repeat 6 more times make sure to stagger the positions on the scarf for a more natural effect.

Place the rubber banded  buttons of material on top of a Styrofoam  cu which has been inverted upside down. One cup per button. Arrange on a tray, to catch paint, and water because it will flow.

Place a drop of the color yellow on the tip of the button of material, allow to dry for 15 minutes or use a blow dryer to speed up the process. When applying the next color leave a space of white between the 2 colors.

To achieve a softer looking flower spray water on the edges of the flowers. The colors chosen on some of the flowers were red, orange, blue, and purple. You want the colors to fall in the valleys of the cups. The buttons on top of the cups make this work. Place the color green in the valley of the cloth, and again spray water to give the greenery a softer look.

Here is a group of happy painters : )