Friday, April 29, 2011

Mexican Style Finger Food Chorizo with Eggs

Ever have a hankering for something to eat, not sweet, nor fussy? This Mexican style finger food might just fit the bill, only having 5 ingredients unless you make your own .homemade flour tortillas

1 dozen flour tortilla or my homemade flour tortillas
1 Cacique pork chorizo 10 oz
6 large eggs
1/2 cup grated mild cheddar cheese
1/4 cup canola oil

In large heavy skillet fry chorizo until it releases the grease about 8 minutes, stirring constantly with a spatula. Set to the side.

Scramble the 6 eggs and fry stirring constantly, take off the stove a few seconds before the eggs dry up.

 Add the scrambled eggs, and grated cheese to the chorizo mixture, it should resemble the picture.
Make sure to warm up store bought  flour tortilla in pan before you try to roll them. Roll into flautas.
Fry till crispy and golden brown it won't take long.
Drain on paper towels and serve right away.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Knitted Beaded Clutch Purse

Have you ever seen those beautiful antique beaded purses?  My next project was to figure out how to make a stylish clutch purse. I bought these sparkle beads back in the 90's, I have been toting them from state to state in the. hopes of someday using them on a special project.
Ran across this book from Bag Lady Press written by Theresa Williams called Bead Knitted Handbags 2. The bag came together fairly easy, my one concern was that I might not have enough beads, so I changed the pattern a bit to make sure I had plenty.

The pattern is knitted in three pieces, the main piece, and the side gussets.

The beads are inserted on the thread, and slid between the knitted part.

The inside is then lined with satin material. What do you think of this project?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Knitted Clutch Purse

I love to knit, and I love to work with beads, beads, beads. I love the way beads catch the light. There is something  so exciting to me when I see one strand of yarn turn into a purse, a sweater, a hat...  

I decided to design a knitted clutch purse in the same colors, and beads as my hand made knitted purse   I was looking for a smaller clutch type purse to take with me, for those special occasions when you don't want to lug a large purse, a small one tucked under your arm will do nicely.

1/2 inch dowel 36 inches
2 wooden balls drilled out at 1/2 inch
1 large button of your choice
1 skein yarn thin 75% acrylic 25% wool 150 yards
Size 4 circular knitting needles
1 large eye blunt needle
1 packet of glass beads 60 grams
Material of choice for lining 1/8 yard
Size e crochet hook

 Seed st (k1, p1 ) all the way across. Next row (p1 ,k1) all the way across. You will be purling where you knit and knitting where you purled.

Cast on 65 sts. Work in the seed st pattern till the body measures 5 1/2

Next row bind off 6 sts. from the beginning of the next 2 roads.

Knit across till it measures 2 inches.

Cast on 6 sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows.

Work the 65 sts til it measures 51/2 inches.
This will make the notch that will become the bottom of the purse.

After adding the beads, sew the sides up as shown in the handmade knitted purse. I lined this purse without the cardboard.
Sew the yarn around the wooden dowel after gluing the wooden balls in place. Make sure none of the wooden dowel shows.

Fold the flaps in at the edges of the the purse as you sew.

Sew the button in the front of the purse.
To make flap  chain 8 stitches.single crochet for 10 rows.
Next row single crochet 4 stitches chain 1 skip 1. and finish single crocheting the rest of that row.
Rows 11 - 12 continue in single crochet.
Row 13 decrease one stitch on each side  til your left with 4 single crochets. bind off attach to the back of purse.

The front wooden dowel will not have wooden beads added. It will fit snugly into the dowel with the wooden balls. See photo at top.