Sunday, March 4, 2012

Felt Knitted Cupcakes Pincushiions

Today I felt inspired to go into my happy place by making some thing cute...  There's a lot of drama going on out there in our world, the war of negative words , and thoughts. Therefore I choose not to participate. I will be grateful, and see God bigger than the woes, and surround my self with as much beauty as I can.

Size G crochet hook
1 skein tan, pink or your color choice yarn
Assorted glass beads
Yarn scraps
Felt squares in brown, yellow, pink or white
Beading needle
Thread in matching colors, or clear thread
Small pom poms in red color
Size 2 double pointed knitting needles
Cut felt in half long length wise.

I used my yarn scraps to fill the center, you can also use fiber filling.

Fold in half, roll the strip in a staggered motion, so the top is elevated. It should look like a miniature hill. Attach the second strip on to the first and continue rolling. See picture.

Tack the felted cupcake by sewing a stitch to secure it.

The bottom of the cupcake will be uneven trim off about 1 inch to level the cupcake flat.

The bottom looks like this after it has been trimmed even.

To make the knitted cupcake paper. Cast on 40 stitches onto 4 double pointed needles, placing 10 stitches on each needle. Connect stitches into the round to make one continued row.
Row 1: k2, p2 until cup measures 1 1/2 inches. Bind off, and prepare to make bottom.

To make bottom of cupcake cup.This part will be crocheted. Chain 4 slip stitch to connect. Add 3 chains this will be the first double crochet. Row 1:    12 double crochet will be done in the donut hole. Row 2  double crochet in every single double crochet from previous row. The circle should lay flat, as in picture.
Leave a 8 inch tail of yarn so to be able to sew the circle onto the knitted  cup part.

Sew beads randomly with thread.

Finished felt knitted cupcake pincushion, my granddaughters like to add these tasty treats to the rest of their felt food collection.