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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Infant Crochet Sandals

Here's a quick easy infant crochet sandal pattern. It's only for babies that are not walking yet. They attach around the ankle, and over the middle toe. I used a cream cotton yarn for the light color part, and a fingerling weight yarn for the flowers, and a large plastic bead for the flower centers.

1 skein cotton yarn
1/4 skein fingerling yarn
2 large eye plastic beads
Large eye needle
Crochet hook size g

 Chain 21, connect with slip stitch. Chain 3 that is the first double crochet. do 5 more double crochet in each corresponding chain.
Flip over do 3 chain crochet in the first chain hole, this will be the first double crochet, do 4 double crochets in the next chain holes.
 Flip over again, chain 3 which will become the first double crochet. Do 3 more double crochet in next 3 chain holes. At the end of the row chain 5, this will be where the baby toe fits. Slip stitch to the end of the row, bind off.
Using fingerling yarn,  make the flower by watching flower tutorial
attach large bead with yarn and sew onto middle of sandal. 

There she is tugging at her crochet sandals. 


  1. Your grandchild is adorable and so out those little sandals!!!

  2. Thank you she is a joy to be around.