Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hello Kitty Patch

My granddaughters are big Hello Kitty fans, I was looking for a large material patch which could be sown on to their quilts, but all I could find were the very small ones.
So here is my fix for that. My patch is 13 x 19 inches large. My granddaughter just love their quilts.

White cotton fabric
Black crayon
Black floss embroidery thread
Black, red, and pink felt squares
Quilt low loft batting
White paper
 I first drew Hello Kitty onto my material with a crayola

Cut out bow shape out of red felt, eyes out of black felt, and nose out of pink felt by using white paper to make a pattern. Pin pattern on top of felt, and cut.

Do blanket stitch around bow to attach, as seen in photo, repeat procedure on eyes, and nose.

Do blanket stitch around outline of Hello Kitty face.

Cut Quilt batting to be placed between blanket, and patch.

Pin into place and attach to quilt by turning material under at the hand basted blanket stitching around patch.

Happy Quilting :)

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  1. How cute I bet your granddaughter was really happy to have this quilt.