Saturday, July 13, 2013

My First Basket Weaving Class

I was thrilled to try my hand at basket weaving, this basket is 13 inches wide, 18 long, and 11 inches tall. I also weaved straps to the side. I use it to carry my art supplies, I like that I can see whats in it easy.

This is where we weaved the bottom of the basket.

My friend Nan taught the class.  This is where I started weaving up the walls, the clothes pins give you an extra pair of hands.

You can see the wall starting to take shape.
This  the top of the basket where I put the inside reed, the rope in the middle gives the basket a more finished look.

The last part is the reed that wraps around the top.


  1. Rosy this turned out beautiful! You will have something to cherish for years!

  2. Thanks I had so much fun making it. It holds my painting supplies nicely.

  3. Wow, I really, really like what you've done. great job.