Monday, August 26, 2013

Button Eyed Rag Doll

My Granddaughter loves that new cartoon Lalaloopsy, they are these large bubble head stick figure cartoons. I wanted to make a rag doll that had the big button eyes like the Raggedy Ann doll so this is what I came up with. I used the Simplicity pattern 1900 for the body, and cloths. but changed the face.

This is the body with the head.
The hair is cut out of felt, sew it on before sewing the back to the front.
Sew the stitch marks for the hair. Do the hair for the back on the back part of the dolls head.
Sew the pigtails the same way.
Sew the eyes on by hand, sew the pigtails on the top of the head by top stitching.
Sew with the felt, and the pigtails on the inside.
Turn inside out, and stuff with batting.

I sew the cheeks and mouth by hand after the doll is stuffed.
I painted the eye lashes with puff paint, and the shoes are painted with acrylic black paint, then glazed with glossy mod podge which gives the shoes that patent leather look, and my baby girl can't loose her shoes that way too.
Here is the same doll this time I painted the face.


  1. Thank you, my grand daughter loves her doll , and I love that she can't hurt herself with this doll.