Monday, December 30, 2013

Quilts on Parade

winter wonder land applique qult
another view of winter fun quilt
 rag quilt

Bear quilt rustic

This one is a close up of Dany's and Angela's quilt 2016.

This one was for my grand daughter Aly she is into everything Paris ! 2016.

This quilt is a step away from my normal quilts, quite a challenge for me, I liked it for the fact it helped me use a lot of my scraps. 2016

Made this one for my grand daughter Bella 2016 Christmas.

I just wanted to share some of the quilts I accomplished this year.
Cherry Blossom Quilt

Tuscan Style Quilt for Stacy, and Robert 2015

Flower patch scrappy quilt cleaned up some of my scraps with this quilt.

                                                                Baby owl quilt.

My dragonfly quilt was at the Mountain Top Quilt Show 2014.

My daughter in love, likes owls so I couldn't resist.
I made this one for my grand daughter.

I made this one for the bright colors which I have an attraction to.
This is my first applique quilt.
I have a grandson who is a Raiders fan.

This scrappy quilt was made with vintage style material for my grandson in Oregon.
I'm thinking that I will catalog all the quilts I make for my own record here.

Ca-lily quilt for my daughter-in-law 
My grand daughters Hello Kitty quilts.

Made this baby blanket for my grand daughter.

This one I made for my son Dany and his wife Angela.

This is the latest one I made for my mom, and new dad.

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