Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Peppa Pig Pinata

My grand daughter Rosalynn adores Peppa Pig everything Peppa!
I will show you how I made Peppa Pig pinata for her.

 news paper
pink , and red  crepe party streamers
1/3 cups flour
2 cupswater
white paper for eyes
1 dowel for star wand
card stock for star, eyes, and cheeks 
2 balloons one for head one for the body
paper cup for snout

2 cups water placed in small sauce pan. 1/3 cup flour mix well. Place on stove top till thickens , and comes to a boil. Remove from heat let cool.This is your glue for the whole project.

Blow up balloon one the size you want for body, the other balloon size you want for head.

Cut news paper into 1x8 inch strips, paste onto balloons. 
 Five layers deep.  
Let dry over night. 
They will dry hard like a shell.  
Take a sharp knife poke into harden shell popping balloon underneath. 
For the larger balloon cut an opening 3x4 inches wide big enough to fit your hand inside.
Do the same for the head.

Wire the head to the body. 
Place wire for arms and legs making them twice as long as the finished legs and arms.
Crumple news paper to make arms and legs wrapping the extra length of wire around to hold newspaper in place.
Place in large bowl makes easier to maneuver.
Tape paper cup for snout.
Peppa Pig only has 3 fingers on her hands.
Roll part of crepe streamers in to 4 inches around your hand.
cut 1/8 of inch slits all the way across, 
Curl bottoms and paste to pinata.
Made crown, star, eyes, and cheeks out of card stock, 
Fill with candy when done. Enjoy!

Check out my dinosaur and Elmo pinatas. I have better details on the construction.

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