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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paris Cardigan Sweater

I decided it was time to try to knit a more advanced project. I have been going to a knitting group at the Greenberry House a cozy place in Meadows of Dan , Virginia where Leslie the shop owner, and seasoned knitters help us beginners with our knitting skills. I have come to understand how to read  knitting patterns. 
I found this free cute Paris Cardigan Sweater pattern from website  This sweater is titled April in Paris Cardigan. I chose to change the colors, and leave off the pockets.This is done in the seed stitch.. See my progress in pictures.
This is one of the sleeves.

This is the back.
The front of the sweater.

This the collar which was worked with the fun fur yarn, 2 colors at the same time. It gives the collar a soft look, but also since it is doubled it gives it a weight which helps the collar lay right.
Putting it all together,  was a bit of a challenge. The back needs to be sewn  to the front first, then the sleeves. My tip is to pin  the sleeves to the back and front with safety pins, and adjust as needed before actually sewing together.This will keep the sweater looking more even, and professional..

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