Thursday, March 17, 2011

DIY Window Covers for Odd Shaped Windows

 Have you ever been stumped by how to cover odd shaped windows?  I would say this is a do it yourself project.  The windows in the living room are odd shaped,with an uneven ceiling
. In the summer the light pours in those windows like a beacon. Not only is it extremely bright, but also hot.  The way to help take a handle on my energy costs  I came up with a homemade inexpensive way to cover those windows, and save money.

I didn't want to hang curtains above the Roman shades below, because the ceiling was not straight. I would have had to hang the curtains on a slant. I couldn't use those paper covers because of the shape of the windows.. My daughter-in-law suggested that I make cardboard cover ups with cloth, that would sit inside the frames.

  1. white copy paper
  2. large cardboard boxes
  3. glue gun
  4. material your choice of color for inside window
  5. white material for out side of window
  6. scissors
  7. utility knife
  8. pins:

First I had to figure out how to make a pattern. I came up with gluing white copy  paper together with the glue gun. I made the size of the sheets glued together a little larger than the windows.

I placed the paper over the opening of the window. Using a small pencil I traced inside the window, with one hand while holding the paper with the other.

This is what the paper looked like after I pulled it off the window.

Then I cut out around the pencil tracing as shown in the diagram.

Then I went back, and placed it in the window, to make sure that it fit properly. It did fit as you can see.

Cut the cardboard using the pattern. Place the pattern on top of large piece of cardboard. Using a marker draw shape onto board. Use utility knife to cut out the shape. Place over window to see if it fits good. If it needs small amounts of trimming do it at this time.

Place white material over cardboard shape. Using glue gun. paste white material over edges of cardboard. The white material will show on the outside of the windows.

Do the same for the front side of the window using pattern material that side will show on the inside of the house, where the white side will show on the outside of the house.

Then I glued the unfinished side butting them together, to where the fabric side are showing. Place them in the window. You may want to hot glue them to the metal casing if necessary. Hot glue holds well, but will peal off
when you need it to come off.
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