Friday, June 10, 2011

Rag Doll

My granddaughters are at the age where they like to play with dress up. What would be more fun than dressing up a soft cuddly rag doll. I have a request from my youngest to have different clothing changes. Note to self make more clothes.
Cut out pattern. I use white material, that will painted on. There is a dart for the neck.
With acrylic flesh paint paint the faces, the arms, the legs.
 This is where it really get fun for me. I love to paint their little faces. The eyes make them come alive.
Out line the hair line.
Since I decided to paint under wear , I painted lace, and a ribbon.
The boots are painted on there is no way these will ever get lost. Paint with glossy finish to give a more realistic patent leather look.
Paint the eyes with a glob of glossy finish. This will put the sparkle in the eyes. See my rag doll.