Friday, July 15, 2011

What to do when things go wrong with your pottery

What to do when things go wrong, this rooster was so cute in every other way, except for the tail popping off during the second firing.

It's truly challenging to fix a piece of pottery that you worked so hard to make. This was the second rooster that was thrown. I thought I would go through the processes that I went through to preserve him. 

My first thought was to try fashioning a tail piece made from filmo clay since I would be keeping this rooster for my own kitchen. I wasn't happy with this fix.

My next plan was to make another one out of clay. The challenge was to figure out how much shrinkage would  occur.  I left the sides opened and used a bisque piece of pottery to keep the clay from touching each other.
Then it was attached to the rooster with epoxy glue. This is the side view.
I'm happy with this fix, what do you think?

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