Sunday, August 7, 2011

Quiet Book

I saw this fabulous tutorial for making a interactive book for children on how to make a quiet book. My granddaughters are at the stage where they love to discover, and work with their hands, and minds. I changed  some stuff depending on what I had on hand.

2 yards canvas material
Assortment of buttons
Felt squares in green, white, brown, yellow, red, tan, and black
Material scrapes in your choice of designs
Shoe laces
Photos of your choice
3 dimensional tulip paint

Pick the apples from the tree, and place into the basket.

One or two scoops of ice cream?
The animals are in the fence, or in the barn.
I found these cute knitted animal finger puppets at the Atlantic Breeze Alpacas store in Meadows of Dan.

Open the door and see who is there. 

Open the basket to set the picnic table cloth.

Learn how to weave a mat. 
Weaving felt square.

Picking the posies.
Put the flowers in the flower pot.

Tie the ribbon on the teddy bear/
I know how to tie my shoe.
Check the mail.

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