Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Minnie Mouse Knitted Diaper Cover and Hat

I was looking to knit a infant Minnie Mouse outfit for the newest edition to the family. I have seen them done in crochet, but I prefer to knit. I enjoy the way knitting moves. I modified the pattern by picking up white yarn  to form Minnie's poka dots. The pattern can be found in www.raverlycom. under The Frantic Mama Knitted Soaker Pattern. I used Patrons Canadiana worsted yarn 100% acrylic yarn.

The hat was done by casting 72 sts in the Patrons Canadiana worsted yarn med weight. Work the ribbing sts by k2, p2 till it measures 2 inches. Change to thick chunky yarn knit skipping every other stitch. you will have 36 sts.
Work the seed st. p1,k1 across the whole row.
Next row knit where you purled, and purl where you knitted. Work this pattern till it measures 5 inches all the way from the bottom.
Next row k2tog to end of row. There will be 18 sts.
Next row knit
Next row k2tog to end of row There will be 9 sts remaining. Cut yarn, leaving a 16 inch tail. Thread tail through remaining sts and pull to gather. Use remaining tail to back seam.

To make ears. this part has to be crochet. Chain 3 sts, slip st to form small circle, keep increasing till the circle measures 21/2 inches. Make 2 ears.

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