Monday, January 9, 2012

Doll House DIY

This is the year my granddaughters are old enough to have real doll house furniture, and miniatures to play with. I have kept this furniture in good condition over the years in hopes of passing it on to my granddaughters.
Checking on the prices of doll houses, I thought making one would be more cost effective. I scoured around seeing what shelving I already had which would make a good doll house. This doll house can be kept on the side of the wall not taking up too much room, since the shelf is sturdy.
My daughter-in-law had this beat up child's chipboard dresser set.

I talked my husband into helping me, by cutting the top part of the dresser off the rest of the drawers.He also added , 3/4 inch ply wood boards for the different floors levels, also putting divides vertically to make the walls. Repainted the cupboard in the lightest pink hue. 
  I decided to paint the floors, in faux stones. Using a piece of sponge cut into small squares. Dipping it into  paint, then outlining the sides with shading.
Instead of painting walls I purchased stock card paper in different designs, and used it as wall paper. Using rubber cement to glue down to the floors, and walls, this way it would not bubble the paper. It also allows for readjusting the paper if necessary.

The windows were not cut out of the sides since our wood working tools were limited, I painted on the out side faux windows, and on the inside I put curtains up on the wall. The ceilings are equipped with the portable battery operated stick em lights, to give enough light to play.

They are enjoying their new doll house, and furnishings.

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