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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Diy Children's Dresser Redo

This is the latest project that has been keeping me busy. My granddaughters had this dresser, which needed  a serious make over before we could place it in their bedroom, the paint was peeling, with pot marks, the drawers had to be re-glued, and aligned.
Since the girls love pink, and purple, we went with a dessert theme drawing. It has cupcakes, a slice of cake, and  sugar cookies. See some of my other diy projects,baby chair , coffee tablewall painting.
The stripes were added to ground the drawing, I disguised the unevenness of the wood with friendly poky dots in the purples, and pinks.  The cookies have little candy sprinkles on them.
I wished the before pictures would have turned out, so you could see the difference.


  1. Very, very nice you're on a roll with your creativity!!!

  2. It' fun re purposing a piece of furniture that would have been tossed in the trash.

  3. That is so absolutely adorable! I love it and wish I could paint like that! =0)