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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tole Painting Baby Rocking Chair

In my previous blog where I spoke of reworking my stools. I would like to give you a quick lesson on how to tole paint. What really appeals to me about this kind of painting is you don't have to know how to draw to come up with a decent product.

I first took an interest in tole painting, when I joined the Tuesday Morning Ladies Fellowship  We were stay at home mom's with small children. Every November we would have a craft sale, to raise money. My goal was to sell enough to be able to buy Christmas presents. There was one mother that did the best in sales, and what she did was paint Christmas ornaments with tole painting. Oh how I admired those ornaments, and wished I knew how to tole paint.

Here lies one wooden baby rocking chair.

I based coated it a dark blue. I traced out my pattern on tracing paper. Sandwich white carbon paper between chair and tracing paper. Using a stylist or pencil follow the drawing.
Caution before you trace the whole drawing lift up, check to make sure your carbon paper is on the correct side. Tape to chair so it doesn't move while you are transferring drawing.
Lift paper off, the tracing will be very light, which will allow you to erase latter.
Base in medium colors.Side load square angle paint brush with darker colors then base color. This will allow painting to look more 3rd dimensional.

This video gives you the action required to side load your paint brush.


  1. Wow that is beautiful! nice job.

  2. Whether you choose a rocking chair or glider, be sure to choose a nursery chair that is well built. If the sample chair in a store has become rickety or squeaky from many uses, it might also do the same thing in your home after lots of late-night rocking.