Monday, April 19, 2010

My Kitchen Redo on the Cheap

Since I have a small kitchen, and do a lot of cooking. I came up with low cost methods of redoing my kitchen  cheap..

 First of all I got rid of our kitchen table. Made a kitchen island instead. Where we could sit on one side, and store dishes on the other side. I had an old work bench out in the garage, that we converted into a kitchen island. Notice the table was laid to hang over one side of the cupboards to have an area for sitting.

The back side was ugly, and also to unify the look, we covered it with bead board, I really like that stuff it
goes well with our cape cod style home. I painted the bead board white, so it made it appear larger.

The front I painted a barn red, to match the one red wall that I painted in the kitchen.

We purchased a oak table that we found on clearance, ripped off the bottom portion, and glued it to the cabinet top with liquid nails.

Found some chairs at the thrift store,which fit perfect under neath the bottom of the island.
Since I like to paint I reworked the stools also.

The bottom of the islands  holds my baking supplies very nicely.

My top cabinet doors did not match the bottoms. We priced the doors at a discount chain store at a hundred dollars a piece. My solution was to take the doors off and I saved big on this redo.I guess the other bonus is that it forces me to keep organized.

I purchased a metal rack, to organize my large bowls.

My husband put a shelf above our slide glass door .Where I can put some of my decorations for the  kitchen, as you can see I'm partial to gingerbread men.

I still have the rest of the chairs to paint. What do you think of my kitchen redo. I bet you might be able to implement some of these ideas too.

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  1. Thanks for the ideas. I am wanting to redo my kitchen and I do not have a lot of money. These tips will really come in handy. I just have to get an imagination. LOL Thanks again.