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Monday, July 26, 2010

Glazing Pottery Tutorial

This is a new path for me, I had always wanted to do pottery. I live 30 minutes from Floyd Virginia the pottery Mecca of the world'
. I had a chance to take my first class at the Jacksonville College, I really enjoyed it. I will try to put some of the pottery tips I have learned along the way.
After the first firing the bisque is sharp, and gritty, I found if I scoured some of the sharp spots off with sandpaper, and immersed in water my glaze laid better on the stoneware.

Dipping your pottery will give the piece a smoother look, than brushing. It is also more affordable. The trick is to mix the glaze by weighing the water, and the glaze. I found the thinner I made the glaze the better it stayed on, and the better it looked.
I found I had to stir after every dip, the glaze wants to settle immediately. Stay away from clear. I have not found a clear recipe that I am happy with.

Here is another tip is to brush 2 thick coats of latex to save your design from unwanted glaze.After drying pull off latex, and paint as desired. It opens  up all kinds of possibility's .

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