Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tomato Season Canning Tomatoes

This is the season when the tomatoes start to turn, I have so many of them, when they all begin to ripen at the same time. I can my tomatoes every year. I rarely have to buy can tomatoes from the grocery store. Which  adds money to my grocery budget.
First step in canning tomatoes is to wash the tomatoes, cut any bruised areas, or dark spots, and stem area. Cut in to wedges. See Canning Apple Cider from my July's blog  it goes into more detail on canning.
After sterilizing the jars, press the tomatoes till the juice runs. Midway through I put a leaf of basil for pretty, it also adds flavor to the tomatoes. Run a butter knife along the sides to pop any air bubbles that may be present.
Add a teaspoon of salt on the top.
Wipe the top of the canning jar with a wet paper towel, followed by a dry one. To ensure that it is squeeky clean. Any debrie on top will cause canning failure.

Place warm new lids on jars, with rings over lids. Tighten normal. Place in canning pot. filled with water up to the ring. Place lid on top bring to a boil. When it comes to a boil lower heat so it not a rapid boil. Time for 30 minutes.

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