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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Childrens Crafts Christmas Balls

My granddaughters love to make things, they know the word crafts. This is a very easy craft for young children.. This does need to be supervised by an adult. Make sure to check the glass ball tops for any sharp broken glass edges. Make sure you are in an area that is carpeted just in case one of the glass balls rolls off the table or out of little hands.

Package of glass balls they sell them at crafts stores like Micheal's, hobby lobby
Several bottles of acrylic paint like Folk Art in colors of your choice
Glitter for decorating the out side of balls if desired
Tinsel optional
Beads optional
Remove lids from glass balls set to the side inspect tops for safety.

Allow children to pour 3 to 4 different paint colors into balls, it's best to keep the balls in the holder so they won' t roll around.

Then roll the ball around until the paints mingle together, and cover the whole inside of glass ball.

Decorate the outside with glitter. Allow to dry.  Place  tops back on glass balls. The children enjoyed hanging their own ornaments on the Christmas Tree.

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