Thursday, December 9, 2010

Childrens Crafts Christmas Gingerbread Garland

 Here is another fun, and easy child safe project. These gingerbread cookies will  last you year after year. I live in the mountains of Virginia where there is a lot of humidity, and the cookies that I made from 2002 are  still as good as new. The cinnamon smell is no longer there, but they are as cute as can be. Adult supervision is required.

4oz white glue
Gingerbread cookie cutter
Cinnamon 3oz
3 colors of tulip slick  dimensional paint white, black, red
Ribbons with color of your choice, I also like to rip rustic fabric into strips

In a small bowl pour all the cinnamon, add 3/4 of the glue and mix, it should not be mushy, but more like cookie dough, mix till well incorporated.

Roll out, if sticky roll between 2 pieces of wax paper.
Place cookie cutter on top of dough, cut out gingerbread shape, make a hole at each side of gingerbread man arms.using thooth pick, set on flat board to air dry.
It takes at least 24 hours for cookies to be dry enough to decorate. They will shrink some. You will have a small amount left over that won't be large enough to make a cookie, I usually make rustic hearts out of that little bit of cookie dough it adds to the garland.

Using the Tulip Slick Paints decorate the gingerbread cookies. This paint goes on puffy and drys puffy mocking real icing.
Here is Marisa threading the metal wire through the holes at the hands.
Bianca threads the gingerbread hearts.

Cut ribbons to tie on the bare wires.

So very cute, I believe your young children will  enjoy making this project.