Friday, December 10, 2010

Childrens Crafts Christmas Star Ornaments

The Christmas Star ornaments are a good project for children. Just make sure an adult cuts out the stars, because of the precise cutting required to make the star shapes, but saying that, this is a good project for little hands to decorate.

1 piece of poster white
sharp scissors
glitter glue in red, silver, and gold
sparkling crystal glitter
star shape to use as pattern
Draw stars on poster board.
Cut out star shapes.

Draw with a ruler draw a straight line from the tip of the star to the inside corner of the star. 5 times.

Turn over, use the lines to help fold the star. This way the pen marks won't show.

The folds should match this sample.

Place a line of glue a 1/4 of an inch from the cut boarder of the star.
Place folded star on flat star, hold for a few minutes til the glue holds.

I find if I press in the center it glues better, but do not press flat.
When dry cut away the extra paper.

Dry and ready to decorate.

Here you see my 4 year old granddaughter decorating her stars.

Here is the 3 year old painting her stars with the glitter glue.

Make sure to lay down newspaper in the work area, the glitter glue and glitter does tend to get all over.

The crystal glitter is tossed on top to add more shimmer.

Set them up to dry.

Arrange them on the tree the points help to nestle them into the tree.

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  1. This is such a fun looking project! Thanks for sharing. It's always a joy to find easy and inexpensive crafts. Again, thanks! -Shell