Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Churros Mexican Food Style Dessert

Just think of something warm, crispy, and comforting. Churros right? For me this a easy to go to recipe, the ingredients are usually all ready in your pantry. I remember my grandma, making these when I was a child, even though desserts wasn't her specialty, she was always able to make awesome Churros. Mmmmm, I still remember how the smell of cinnamon, and sugar would fill the air...Yummy.

1 cup water
1 stick butter
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup all purpose flour
3 eggs
Oil for frying
Frying pan
1/4 cup sugar,  2 tablespoons cinnamon for topping
Thongs for turning churros
Pastry bag with large tip

Bring water, butter, and salt to a boil.

Add flour and immediately start stirring with large spoon. The mixture will clump into a mass. Keep stirring.
Add eggs one at a time, stir rapidly once more until egg incorporates in to flour mixture.
It will be a little resistant in the beginning.
Place pastry bag inside a glass to give you a hand. This makes it easier to fill with this stiff dough.

Bring  1 inch of oil to medium hot temperature in a skillet. The dough should start sizzling at once, when placed in the hot oil. Fry til the strips turn light brown, turning over as needed. Place on a paper towel to drain, and cool off.
Place sugar, and cinnamon in plastic bag, adding cooked churros to cover with sugar mixture.
There you go guys a simple way to make Mexican style Churro, let me know how yours come out. Enjoy!

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