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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Knitting - Free patteren for Knitting a Little Red Dress

                        Here are some after pictures of the Little Red dress project.( Bianca and Marissa)
 I made these red little dresses for my granddaughters, they look so adorable in them. I chose a 100% acrylic yarn, it takes the wear, and tear more readily. The pattern is made in pink in the original pattern. I found the free pattern at   titled "Easy Baby and Kids Lacy Tank Dress Knitting Pattern" They have some great free patterns, and lovey yarns, I can find most of there yarns at Micheal's, JoAnns, or even
Walmart. I happen upon this yarn at Greenberry, a local knitting shop, Leslie carries acrylic yarns, and natural homespun yarns, like wools, alpacas, angoras.and mohair's.
I enjoyed making this little red dress, the feather ridged stitch looks so dainty and feminine, it's like no other that I have ever seen.

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