Sunday, May 2, 2010

Child's Knitted Purse

I thought of making this purse for my granddaughters. They both are girly girls. They enjoy playing dress up, wearing high heals, hats, and boas. I thought this would be fun for them to carry when we go for our tea adventures.

Materials:Puffy yarn baby soft I used Red Heart Baby Clouds.

Color of choice. I used multicolor pastels.

Size H crochet hook.

Size 6 knitting needles. 16 inches long,

Large hole needle for sowing flower on.

Decorative sunflower button.

Size 7 inches long, by 5 inches wide, strap 10 1/2 long above purse.

Cast on 32 stitches. (see my video on how to cast on stitches.) Row 1 knit the first row at the end connect it so it forms a circle. Continue knitting the next 28 rows. Row 29 start binding off stitches. Bind off the next 16 stitches which will make the top of the purse. On row 30 knit and purl the next 16 stitches. This will be the beginning of the flap of the purse. Knit together row 32 at each end so the flap will start to narrow a bit Repeat for the next 15 rows.

To make flower I used Peaches and Creame worsted 100% cotton yarn. Color yellow. I have video and instructions on how to make flowers in child's hat post. Add sunflower button. Happy knitting.

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