Monday, May 24, 2010

Painted Canvas Tote Bags

I received a bunch of canvas material from a friend. Looking to do some painting on canvas, I thought I would make some canvas tote bags, with the whimsical type of  decorating that I enjoy doing.

1 1/2 yard canvas, handles,
sewing machine, thread.
Assorted acrylic paints

 I used the same pattern  that I used on the painted child's rocking chair  April 2010 blog. The angel pattern is by Shara Reiner, Angel Thyme Designs. I like her designs because not only are they perfect for beginners, but the designs are versatile. .
 With being  green  conscience being in it's trendy to carry your cloth reusable canvas tote bags.

To make canvas tote cut a 20 by 35 inch square of canvas. Cut a 3 by 2 notch on each side. Refer to the picture. Cut 2 of these one will line the tote, the other will be the outside of the tote.
Fold canvas in half, fold tops over 1 inch. Attach straps with pins. Sew all the way across the top.

Sew sides of tote first. Then  sew the bottom , it will make a wide bottom tote.

Illustrated here.

Here is another design on this tote bag.The out side of the bag is to the left, the inside of the bag (or the lining )is on the right side of the picture. Place the liner tote inside the outer tote. Pin together and sew.

Finished tote.
This finished tote has the Noah's Arc design.

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  1. They are beautiful nice to carry to the grocery store,beach and other places.