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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby Birds

Several years ago my daughter-in-law Angela had given me a beautiful bird house which she had hand painted her self. I hung it out side by the entrance of the front porch.  Many a Chickadee's  had made this little bird house their roosting sanctuary in the spring.

This morning as I was packing to get ready for my trip to Chicago. 
My husband called me over to look at something . What I saw was this, 3 baby birds squirming on my front porch.floor. They had no feathers, they had big belly's and closed bulgy eyes. Apparently they had fallen out of their nest, or were pushed out.

I did want to rescue these little fellows. I had always heard never to touch a wild animal ,or the mother animal would reject them and let them die. We used a piece of firm card stock, slipped it under each bird one at the time placing them back into the bird house. Then we noticed that there were 2 more baby birds a little further away. Again we slipped the card stock under them also, and put them back into the bird house. We found one more laying on the dirt, it must have missed the porch  falling all the way to the ground, making it a total of 6 baby birds which we rescued.

I am puzzled does any one know why the birds were lying on my porch instead of being cozy in their bird house? Did all 6 birds accidentally fall out of the entrance hole? Did the mother bird toss them out? Was it a strong wind which shook them out? Does anyone out there know? Please I would like to be educated.

We did notice after we placed the baby birds back, the mother bird came back, chirping at us like she was thanking us. My theory is maybe a predatory bird tossed them out. All I know for sure is that the mother bird had no way to pick them up. I hope the baby birds survive, I won't know till I return from my trip. See part 2 to this story baby bird part 2

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  1. Very nice story its amazing what nature does to take care of their critters.