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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Raggedy Anne with Gingerbread Cookie

I found this adorable pattern which had both the Raggedy Anne Doll holding a gingerbread cookie, perfect for my kitchen. This pattern is by You are Speacial/Sam's Stitcherys.  Out of Starke, FL It came out good the instructions were easy to follow. I liked that it had ruff edges, which means less sewing. It also had some painting which I like to do. It took me about a day to put together.

Cut out pattern, sew each piece, turn inside out.

Turn inside out, I use a stick.
Here are the arms stuffed, top half sewn.

The body stuffed, all the way.

Here's where the fun begins, tack felt nose on. I also added orange chalk to give cheeks a rosie look. I stitched a mouth. that' s where the doll starts getting her personality.

I wrapped red yarn here 5 times around my hand, tied a piece of yarn to the top, then cut all the yarns, which gave me 12 strands, which I then sewed to the doll's head.

Add 2 large black buttons for eyes, add stitching for eyebrows and eyelashes.
Also tear pieces of the the material used for the dress, and tie into hair of doll.

The dress is real simple cut on the folds , no hemming, raw edges on sleeves and bottom.

The gingerbread cookies are cut out sewed, cut slit in back, fill with cotton fiber.

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