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Friday, June 25, 2010

Gingerbread Dolls

These cute gingerbread dolls, are a quick project, my little 2 year old granddaughter Marisa loves to tote them around the house. She puts them in her little purse, takes them out, puts them back in. She can entertain herself for hours.
I got the gingerbread pattern from  #248 I love gingerbread. Her patterns are so cute.
Cut out gingerbread, pin together, sew together all around. In the middle of doll cut a 1/12 inch slit. Turn doll inside out and loosely stuff.

Paint the whole gingerbread with acrylic paint Americana honey brown. Allow to dry.

Side load angular paint brush with Americana light cinnamon to give the cookie that browned in the oven look.
With white Tulip Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint add frosting around legs, arms, head.

Take the back of a paint brush,  dot 2 eyes with black paint.
Paint cheeks with Q tip dipped in  Americana blush flesh.
With Tulip Slick black paint mouth.
With Tulip Slick Red paint a heart on the gingerbread man.

1 comment:

  1. they look so cute but they seem to be to much work.