Thursday, May 19, 2011

Diy Coffee Table Redo

One of the things that I enjoy doing is taking a piece of furniture, and changing it. The most inexpensive way, with more bang for your buck is to repaint.. Since folk art is popular, and easy to reproduce, it's a great place for a beginner to start. There are plenty of books with patterns at stores like Micheal's. The book I got this particular pattern was Better Home and Gardens Painting Furniture and Accessories.

Sand paper
Large paint brush
# 5 round brush
3/8 angle brush
# 0 liner brush
6 inch glazed ceramic tile for paint mixing
Flat edge painting knife
Assortment of 2 oz paints made by Americana, Folk Art, and Delta
Blue Haze, Blue Mist, Napa Red, Buttermilk,Antique Gold, Antique Green, and Black
Tracing paper
Matte finish spray
Stylist tool
Water pail for rinsing brushes

Start by selecting the piece of furniture your redoing. I have chosen a coffee table. First sand the table all over. Using a wet cloth remove all dust from furniture. Also see furniture make over for more information.
Paint the table with the large paint brush in black.
Copy pattern to tracing paper. Tape into place, with white transfer paper under neath. Redraw pattern onto coffee table.
The main colors are based in first, to shade you side load with the darker colors, to high light you use the lighter colors.

  • I took the liberty to do some free flowing leaves around the edges of the table, once you get brave try it, it will  give you  painting a free form look.

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